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In a hurry?  Don't have time to drop by the Bank?
Then it's time for Online banking.  Your personal computer becomes your own personal banking center.  All you need is a personal computer with an internet connection.  You'll be able to take care of your finances anytime, day or night from anywhere...even on holidays!

Online banking offers a comprehensive bill payment system.  You can use it to schedule both one time payments and recurring payments of fixed or variable amounts.  Set up payments instantly with our unrestricted vendor/payee list.

You have control over nearly every aspect of managing your bank account with Online banking.

From this tab you can initiate a transfer of money between accounts.  You can set up one time transfers or recurring transfers of fixed or varying amounts.

While, online, you can request stop payments, re-order checks, change your passcode and/or mailing address, and send secure e-mail. 

You are notified about all activity in your Online Banking activated account in the Messages section.  That way, we can keep you informed of any important news about your accounts, bills, or new features with online line banking.

There are a lot of concerns about the security of information shared over the Online.  With Online banking, however, there is nothing to worry about.  Our security is state-of-the-art.  No entry is allowed without your authenticated, encrypted access ID and passcode. 

Commonly Asked Questions:

How do I add more accounts or loans?
 Any account that you are on will show on your online banking account. If you have accounts that are not showing, please contact us.

How do I remove accounts or loans?
Only active accounts and loans will show on your online banking account. If you would like an account to not be visible on your online banking, please contact us.  

I have forgotten my passcode! What should I do?
Go to our homepage and click on the "Forgot your passcode" link.  You'll need your Access ID, Tax ID or Social Security number, and your account number.  You can also find the link at the top of this page.

How can I make a payment on my First Trust & Savings Bank loan?
Click on the transfer link and transfer money from your checking or savings account to your loan.

How long will my account history be available in Online Banking?
You are able to view account information from September 17th, 2012 and forward. If you need information prior to this date, please contact us.

When would a transaction that has been posted today be updated in my balance?
The transaction will appear and be available immediately.

What happens if there aren't enough funds in my account on the day a bill has been scheduled to be paid using BillPay?
The transaction will not be completed.  In some instances, however, you will receive a return notice from the Service.  Please refer to the Online Banking Agreement for further information.

Please contact us with any other additional questions you may have about ONLINE BANKING.  CLICK HERE

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